Transmission of emoji within plain text messages

William_J_G Overington wjgo_10009 at
Wed Apr 2 08:01:40 CDT 2014

""Martin J. Dürst"" <duerst at> wrote:

> In a followup, Line (, the most popular Japanese mobile message app (similar to WhatsApp) got popular mostly because of their gorgeous collection of 'stickers' (over 10,000), fortunately after realizing that the technically correct way to deal with them was not squeezing them into the PUA, but treating them as inline images, avoiding headaches down the line for the Unicode Consortium :-).

There is another possible way to proceed, namely to use markup bubbles for transmission and to decode them with a local OpenType colour font, where the glyphs of the decoded items are unmapped.

I have successfully tested such a markup bubble technique in monochrome for nine-character markup bubbles, for a different project, using a font made using High-Logic FontCreator 7 and applied using Serif PagePlus X5.

William Overington

2 April 2014

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