How do I prevent Odia characters from combining

Sinnathurai Srivas via Indic indic at
Mon Feb 10 13:27:38 CST 2020

I am getting "
This site can’t be reached", when I try the URL

Is there another way to reach that tool. 
RegardsSinnathurai Srivas
    On Friday, 7 February 2020, 20:09:57 GMT, आनंदकुमारशर्मा@सीडैकजिस्ट.भारत via Indic <indic at> wrote:  
  Hi Neon 
  You can try uisng ZWJ&ZWNJ combination 
  You can used Unicode Typing Tool . Download this application from
  Select the Language as ODIA and you can select font as GIST-ORI-OT Mukta
  On 07-02-2020 12:43, Pro Neon via Indic wrote:
 While writing in odia, I cannot place characters with halant and characters without halant together. 
  For example:     I cannot place କ୍ and ଖ together or else they will just combine to form  କ୍ଖ . But without putting halant in certain characters would make  the spelling incorrect.     Placing ଷ୍ଟାଡ଼ିୟମ୍ and ରେ together would automatically combines them to  ଷ୍ଟାଡ଼ିୟମ୍ରେ
  which is not what was supposed to be meant. How do I solve this? 
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