Mail list changes for 2014

Rick McGowan rick at
Thu Jan 2 11:25:35 CST 2014

The Indic mail list has now been re-activated.

On 12/31/2013 8:50 AM, Rick McGowan wrote:
> As mentioned, this list will be taken off-line shortly, and be 
> restored after the new year. (A note will be sent when it is back.)
> Regards,
>     Rick
> On 12/3/2013 2:56 PM, Rick McGowan wrote:
>> At the end of the year, we will be changing the mail list server for 
>> the public-access mail lists, including this one. The new system will 
>> be Gnu "Mailman", an interface familiar to many. This should make it 
>> easier for users to handle their subscriptions and options in one 
>> place, via the web interface.
>> We will thus be shutting down the public mail lists over the "holiday 
>> break" in the final days of 2013, and re-open with the new system in 
>> January 2014.
>> Affected mail lists are those listed on the Mail Lists page here:
>> including Unicode, CLDR-Users, ULI-Users, and Indic.
>> The new mail list system is documented here: 

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