Geosynonyms and "too many values" errors

lmelonimamo lmelonimamo at
Thu Jul 15 03:18:42 CDT 2021

I'm working on the Survey Tool on Sardinian strings, and I'm getting "too many values" errors on these four ones:

Unfortunately, since Sardinian has a lot of geosynonyms, especially for those three animals and that object, it would be difficult to delete many of those without risking discriminating someone, since a lot of people only use one of them. I could maybe delete four synonyms from the ladybug strings, three from the bucket one and two from the bat one, but the system will not allow me to modify them unless I use 7 items or less, and that would mean I would have to make a very arbitrary choice that I would prefer not to do. Would it be possible to make an exception for those strings?

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