Unit Preferences named year-person and month-person

Martin J. Dürst via CLDR-Users cldr-users at unicode.org
Sun Feb 2 01:26:34 CST 2020

On 31/01/2020 08:30, Kip Cole via CLDR-Users wrote:
> Thanks Mark and Patrick. I have been treating the units names in the locale files as the canonical list of units (that was how I interpreted TR35) but I see thats not a valid assumption.
> The use case is familiar and make sense. I feel as if it would be better encoded as a “scope” or “use” of the unit but I assume  that would require changing the LDML etc etc …..

Well, for somebody using Chinese (and the same in Japanese), the words 年 
and 歲/岁 are just two different words.

Regards,   Martin.

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