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 The first link below is the issue tracker <https://unicode-org.atlassian.net/projects/CLDR>.   “We need to fix up docs” is a bit of an understatement here: There needs to be a link to that tracker, etc.  

 The README has been in HTML since it was added that way in 2012… what you are looking at is a faithful copy of the previous svn repository, not a rewrite.   Would you like to use the above link and suggest that the README be moved to markdown?

 Thank you for the feedback!

Steven R. Loomis | @srl295 | git.io/srl295

> El may. 13, 2019, a las 3:49 a. m., r12a <ishida at w3.org> escribió:
> Did you intend the README file to be html source code ?
> Also, i was disappointed not to see an Issues tag, or any indication of how to raise issues.
> hth
> ri
> On 11/05/2019 02:44, Steven R. Loomis via CLDR-Users wrote:
>> I’m declaring these open. We still need to fix up docs, etc. but have a look and report any issues here.
>> https://unicode-org.atlassian.net/projects/CLDR
>> https://github.com/unicode-org/cldr.git

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