Likely language for Ogham

Richard Wordingham via CLDR-Users cldr-users at
Fri Jan 11 17:37:30 CST 2019

Having had my doubts about the likely language for Ogham added to
Ticket ####, I now see that there is a ticket for Ogham, Ticket #11021,
(, which addresses
the issues.  (It may actually be consciously endorsing some of my
public remarks on the matter.)

I don't understand the subsequent comment in that ticket, "Ogham
shouldn't be the primary script for any language."  Why not?  It
appears to be the only script for Primitive Irish (pgl) while the
language was the primary means of communication. Is the argument that
pgl_Ogam is dominated by pgl_Latn-t-pgl-Ogam?  The position of Pictish
(xpi) is similar, but transliteration is more tentative.

However, should we pay any heed to Michael Everson's comment that
Ogham's chief usage is for messages in modern English exchanged behind
teachers' backs in Ireland?

Would it make sense for me to acquire a CLDR user name so that my
attempts to add comments to tickets are not dismissed as spam?


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