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> > For Arabic, the default is to use "native" (Arabic-script) digits, as
> > is customary in many countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
> > Some regional variants, like Arabic in Morocco or Algeria, override
> > this to use ASCII digits.
> But as I understand it, ASCII digits are the correct encoding* of the
> Western Arabic digits!  The (near) Eastern Arabic digits (U+0660 etc.)
> are not 'native' to the western part of the Arab world.

The terminology is messy. I explicitly say "ASCII digits" vs. "native" (for
a given script) or "Arabic-script".

The U+06xx digits are native to the Arabic script, but you are right that
for Arabic in Morocco or Algeria they are not customary (as I said, and as
you can see in the data).

The U+06Fx digits are used for Persian and Urdu, not for the Arabic
*language*, but of course Persian & Urdu do use the Arabic *script*.

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