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> Is there a default numbering system for Arabic locales?  Is it the same
> for all countries? I am asking because I visited many Arabic government
> official websites and they all use Latin digits for both numbers and dates.
> All the Arabic newspapers websites that I visited do the same. Is there a
> default mapping between locale and numbering system in CLDR locale data?

There is a default numbering system for all locales:

For Arabic, the default is to use "native" (Arabic-script) digits, as is
customary in many countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
Some regional variants, like Arabic in Morocco or Algeria, override this to
use ASCII digits.
For a few versions now, the data for all Arabic regional variants has
overrides for the region preference, so that this setting for Arabic itself
(without any regional variant) can be changed without affecting the region

Some of us have proposed to change the generic Arabic default to ASCII
digits because they are the most widely understood.

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