Hard-to-use "annotations" files in LDML

Marcel Schneider via CLDR-Users cldr-users at unicode.org
Fri Nov 30 20:48:55 CST 2018

On 01/12/2018 00:57, Marcel Schneider via CLDR-Users wrote:
> On 30/11/2018 22:12, Steven R. Loomis via CLDR-Users wrote:
>> We could share ideas about which editors work well-I use emacs and/or VS Code.
> Thank you, I’ve now installed VS Code and the ECDC extension, but the latter doesn’t work for me as per
> the provided instructions. I don’t know whether it’s me or the software. And anyway the code points
> should be in the file.

It now works as specified (I had to click on [Reload] in the extension pane). But among all conversions I
cannot find the one converting a string to UTF-32, as that is uncommon in programming. UTF-16 is the closest
we can get, as even HTML entities are either mixed (named and decimal) or all decimal. No option to get the
entities in hexadecimal format.

Additionally VS Code doesn’t respect the XKB key bindings. While I’ve permutated Right Control and Backspace
in xkb/keycodes/evdev, VS Code keeps doing backspace on BKSP, and does nothing on RCTL. And Backspace is no
real Backspace in VS Code, but like Ctrl+Z it deletes the whole last bunch of keystrokes.

I’m close to uninstalling VS Code.

>> You could have a separate tool which reads the XML file, and adds a
>> comment (which is ignored on upload) that has all of the code points
>> spelled out.

You know what? Would you mind adding these comments to a copy of the following two files:


and making the enhanced files available somewhere?
If that is easy, you may run the tool on the whole two directories and post the enhanced clones on SVN.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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