Formatting a Number Range

Kip Cole via CLDR-Users cldr-users at
Wed Nov 21 18:41:27 CST 2018

In TR35 section 2.4.1 I see:

> Formats can be supplied for numbers (as above) or for currencies or other units. They can also
> be used with ranges of numbers, resulting in formatting strings like “$10K” or “$3–7M”.

However other than the more generic miscellaneous format for a range (typically “{0}-{1}”) I’m unclear how I would format a range using the example above.

I can see formatting each end of the range of course, and combining using the range format “{0}-{1}”.  But I’ve no idea how to resolve the format that would result in an output of “$3–7M” since all of the short formats (and format masks) assume a single number.

What am I missing?

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