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While unlikely to be canonical resource, the following show use of <ẹ>,
unmarked-as-dialect *and* overtly marked as Igbo dialects:
An Ókárá Ẹ̀kpẹ̀ resist-dyed with nsibidi symbols
ọ̀gị́nị́ kwánụ́/gị́nị́ mẹ̀rẹ̀    very direct and informal, literally
'what's happening'.
How are you?    Kèdú kà ímẹ̀rẹ̀?
Thank you.    Dālụ́/Imẹ̄lá.
buttocks    ị́kẹ̀
red        mmẹ-mmẹ, uhie
Where does this train/bus go?    Ébé òlé ka ụgbo igwẹ/bosu nka na ga?
Where is the train/bus to _____?    Ébé òlé ka ụgbo igwẹ/bosu dị, nke na ga
Does this train/bus stop in _____?    Ụgbo igwẹ/bosu nka, ọ nà kúshí na
When does the train/bus for _____ leave?    Mgbe òle ka ụgbo igwẹ/bosu nke
na ga _____?
When will this train/bus arrive in _____?    Mgbe òle ka ụgbo igwẹ/bosu nkè
gi ru _____?
...the airport?    ... ẹ̄pọ̀tụ̀?
A glass of red/white wine, please.    Nkalama ḿmáñyá mmẹ mmẹ/ọchá, biko.
Do you have this in my size?    Ì nwẹrẹ ihëa na àsàm?/Ì nwẹrẹ ihëa na amàm?
You're cheating me.    Ì na è fébém na ányá./I na ẹ mérém mu jobu.
Can I have a bag?    Ì nwẹrẹ àkpà?
I haven't done anything wrong.    Ọ̀ dị́ghị̀ íhyéḿ mẹ̀rẹ̀.
Chínēkè é kwélé ị́hyẹ́ ọ́jọ̄    'God will not allow a bad thing'    An
exclamation made out of shock when a bad thing happens.
"Affixation and Auxiliaries in Igbo" by Onumajuru, Virginia Chinwe
Ọnịcha Igbo <ẹ>
"On the Vowels of Imilike Dialect of the Igbo Laanguage" (Gerald Nweya)
Imilike Igbo
Mbieri Igbo
"… there are many sounds (mainly consonants found in some other dialects of
Igbo which are lacking in the Onwu Orthography."

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> FYI U+1EB9 is not listed for Igbo in Hartell's "Alphabets of Africa"
> either.
> On 11/14/2018 12:54 PM, Mark Davis ☕️ via CLDR-Users wrote:
> We are planning to move to Jira, which should take care of the spam issues.
> The question is whether ẹ U+1EB9 was used historically or is used special
> circumstances in Igbo (eg foreign words, dialects, etc); in either of those
> cases it should be moved to "aux".
> Mark
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>> Hi,
>> I’m posting this here since the spambot refuses to let me open new issues
>> on the Bug Tracking site.
>> ẹ U+1EB9 doesn’t seem to be used in Igbo, yet it is listed in the CLDR
>> Igbo [ig] locale default exemplar characters set.
>> It cannot be found in:
>> - Igbo Wikipedia site
>> - BBC Igbo site
>> - Wikipedia Igbo Language article
>> - Kay Williamson, *Dictionary of Ọ̀nị̀chà Igbo*, 2006
>> - Yvonne C. Mbanefo, *Okowaokwu Igbo Umuaka : Igbo Dictionary for
>> Children*, 2016
>> - Windows Igbo keyboard layout
>>    - I haven’t checked Ayo Bamgbose, Orthographies of Nigerian
>>    languages: manual I, Lagos, Federal Ministry of Education, National
>>    Language Centre, 1982.
>> ẹ U+1EB9 should be removed from the Igbo [ig] default exemplar characters
>> set
>> Cheers,
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>> Denis Moyogo Jacquerye
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