Are CollationTest_CLDR_*.txt appropriate for testing FractionalUCA.txt-derived CETs?

Zach Laine via CLDR-Users cldr-users at
Mon Jan 8 19:40:14 CST 2018

It seems like this should be the case, but I see no where that explicitly
states this.  If its not the case, are there more appropriate test cases
available somewhere else?

A bit more context: I've generated tests from CollationTest_CLDR_*.txt, and
they all passed using my collation code and using data
from allkeys_CLDR.txt.

When I changed to using data from FractionalUCA.txt, many of those tests
now fail.  I have not reason to suspect anyone but myself. :)  I'm just
checking here to make certain that I'm using the right set of tests.

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