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In there is an example:

<timezone type="America/Indiana/Knox">
  <usesMetazone to="1991-10-27 07:00" mzone="America_Central"/>
  <usesMetazone to="2006-04-02 07:00" from="1991-10-27 07:00" mzone="America_Eastern"/>
  <usesMetazone from="2006-04-02 07:00" mzone="America_Central"/>

It also states: "Note that the dates and times are specified in UTC, not local time."

As currently presented, they appear to be local time.  Is there a reason these aren't just expressed as ISO 8601 timestamps with a trailing Z?  In other words:  "1991-10-27T07:00Z"

Note that ISO 8601 allows for a space instead of a T, so these timestamps are ISO 8601 compliant, but also that in absence of a Z or an offset they are required to be interpreted as local time.  I've certainly made this mistake in interpreting them before.  I'm sure others have as well.  Would it be possible to change this in a future version?

Matt Johnson

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