Comparison table with pre-CLDR locales

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It's kind of a 'retrocomputing' project to get this to work again, but here
is a snippet of Arabic diffs from about cldr 1.6.  Probably false positives
and negatives here due to breakage. Some interesting things around date

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> Thanks!
> I am not looking for any specific locale category or vendor for that
> matter. I just wanted to include a few of the most glaring differences
> between platforms that existed before CLDR as an illustration of the
> fragmentation at that time.
> I am fairly certain that the CLDR project started by collecting a snapshot
> of the data from as many platforms as possible, and then went through a
> process of converging on the most common formats for each locale at the
> time. I believe the comparison table I remember was either used during that
> process, or was at least a side product of it. I think it was up for
> several years (I remember referring to it a number of times). Unfortunately
> I don't even remember the URL used at the beginning of the CLDR project,
> otherwise the Wayback Machine might be able to help.
> Thanks,
> Elsebeth
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> I am preparing a CLDR training session, and as part of that I would like to
> include a few specific examples of the differences that existed between
> locale
> formats on various vendor-specific platforms prior to the widespread
> adoption
> of CLDR.
> I am fairly sure I remember an online table listing the locale formats from
> AIX, Sun Solaris, etc. that were collected at the start of the CLDR
> project,
> but I have been unable to find that table now. Does anybody remember the
> table,
> and where it was located? Alternatively, does anybody know of any other
> source
> that would have that kind of historical data?
> Solaris migrated most of locales to CLDR in Solaris 10 Update Release 4
> in 2007
> (
> But there are no public comparison reports from the time as far I know.
> Is there any specific information you try to find?
> regards,
>    - Jan Lana
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