Comparison table with pre-CLDR locales

Jan Lana via CLDR-Users cldr-users at
Thu Nov 9 11:12:13 CST 2017

Quoting Elsebeth Flarup via CLDR-Users (2017-11-08 11:27:43)
> I am preparing a CLDR training session, and as part of that I would like to
> include a few specific examples of the differences that existed between locale
> formats on various vendor-specific platforms prior to the widespread adoption
> of CLDR.
> I am fairly sure I remember an online table listing the locale formats from
> AIX, Sun Solaris, etc. that were collected at the start of the CLDR project,
> but I have been unable to find that table now. Does anybody remember the table,
> and where it was located? Alternatively, does anybody know of any other source
> that would have that kind of historical data?

Solaris migrated most of locales to CLDR in Solaris 10 Update Release 4
in 2007
But there are no public comparison reports from the time as far I know.

Is there any specific information you try to find?

- Jan Lana

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