propose th-u-lb-nodict

Richard Wordingham via CLDR-Users cldr-users at
Thu May 25 18:30:36 CDT 2017

On Thu, 25 May 2017 14:39:58 -0700
Peter Edberg via CLDR-Users <cldr-users at> wrote:

> > -u-ld-thai0-pali0 (using 0 to pad the subtags to 5 alphanum)
> > -u-ld-thai0-sanskrit

I'm not sure why there should be line-breaking 'dictionary' for Pali in
Thai script, 

> > Perhaps the -nodict should also be by script, e.g.
> > -u-ld-thai0-nodict
> > still allows dictionary use for CJK, just none for Thai script.

Most dictionaries should be identified by language, not script.  The
problem being addressed is the use of a Siamese dictionary for breaking
text in other languages. 

There is something practical that we haven't touched on.  Should we be
defining the language to be assumed for embedded foreign text?


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