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Interesting idea. You should file a ticket with your proposal.


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> Dear All,
> When line breaking minority text in, say, the Thai script or any script
> that uses dictionary based breaking, the dictionary used is for the
> dominant language. A while back, we addressed this for the Khmer script and
> I've had no complaints since. Now, we could try to do something similar for
> other dictionary broken languages. But I would like to suggest a simpler
> approach that can address fixed texts very well, and that is to add a
> nodict line break locale property. This property would switch the line
> break iterator to one that uses a set of rules with no dictionary statement
> in it. In other words, SA type characters are treated as one great long
> string and it is up to the source text to have inserted appropriate ZWSP,
> or other kinds of spaces, to control the breaks.
> What do folks think? From my perspective, this would solve a bunch of bugs
> that are pointed my way with regard to line breaking and minority
> languages, even if it is not the best possible solution. It's pretty cheap
> to do and it doesn't change anything that is already out there.
> Yours,
> Martin
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