Macedonian-Latin Transformation Question

Cameron Dutro via CLDR-Users cldr-users at
Sat Apr 29 19:48:58 CDT 2017

Hey CLDR users,

In the Macedonian-Latin-BGN transformation rules in CLDR v31, Cyrillic
small letter je is transformed into an uppercase Latin J. The transform
rule in question is here

ICU seems to either ignore this rule or use a corrected version of the CLDR
data set, because it produces correct transformed results.

If this is a mistake in the CLDR data, I'm happy to file a ticket, but
would also like to ask why ICU seems to be using a non-published version of

The problem could also be an issue with my transformation implementation,
in which case I'd like to ask what other rule should be matching instead.

Thanks for your help!

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