Word break question

Cameron Dutro via CLDR-Users cldr-users at unicode.org
Sat Apr 29 19:42:03 CDT 2017

Hey CLDR users,

I have a question regarding the word break rules from CLDR v31. Consider
the following word break test:

÷ 0001 × 0308 ÷ 0041 ÷

I believe rule #5 should apply between 0308 and 0041, which looks like this:

$AHLetter × $AHLetter

0308 has a word break property of "Extend" which $AHLetter matches, and
0041 has a word break property of ALetter which $AHLetter also matches. The
thing is, rule #5 indicates no break should occur between these characters.
Furthermore, there are only two rules in which a break is indicated (3.1
and 3.2), both of which don't apply in this case. What am I missing?


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