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Yes – we saw the update that postal codes were deprecated in CLDR#27 and the note that postal code regex being removed in CLDR#28<> and so moved our metadata source from CLDR to i18napis and have been contributing back to the google code.  What we have not done, is contribute all the auxilliary metadata we have been generating for field names in multiple languages, and additional layouts needed for multi-line, single-line, and input scenarios, plus crosswalk mappings to HTML5.1 and geocode APIs.

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We considered adding that to CLDR, but decided that there were other OSS solutions out there (google's and others mentioned on this thread), so that we didn't see a need to duplicate those efforts.


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I heard talk 2 or 3 years ago about a proposal to add name, address, and phone number formats to CLDR. What ever happened to those efforts? I don't really see data in CLDR 29 about those.

In my i18n library for JS called "ilib", I have data about the address formats for practically every country in the world, as well as the phone formats and name formats for many countries. I would love to contribute this data to CLDR and then later leverage other people's local knowledge to fill in the gaps where my data is lacking...

Can someone direct me to the folks who are working on these? Thanks,

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