CLDR proposal: Unicode algorithms should fall back to root, not to unrelated default locale

Richard Wordingham richard.wordingham at
Thu Apr 3 15:21:09 CDT 2014

On Thu, 3 Apr 2014 10:01:02 -0700
Markus Scherer < at> wrote:

> When requesting a specific locale for collation, break iteration, or
> case mapping, when we do not have any data for even the locale's base
> language, then we should fall back to the root locale rather than the
> default locale.

Would language matching data take preference over either?  I can see
deserving use cases where the default language is the national language
and the selected locale is for a minority language.

How are break iteration rules meant to interact with dictionary-based
word and line-breakers?

> Note: This will not change behavior for languages for which we do have
> specific data for the service, even if it is an empty data file.


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